Narutoget is an anime website that offers huge number of anime movies and series. It follows a particular plot and is very popular.  All the narutoget episodes are available both in dubbed and subbed versions. This site offers all the Naruto episodes and movies to the users without any need of getting registered in it.Till today, Narutoget offered thousands of Naruto episodes both in dubbed and subbed versions.  The official site of Narutoget contains almost all the movies and drama series of Naruto Shippuden. There are crores of users all around the globe catch up Naruto episodes right from their couch from the official site of Narutoget.

Already many episodes have been telecasted and due to some legal issues the site has gone down the drain for sometime.  Naruto Shippuden is one of the longest running anime series with many number of episodes.It has its own set of records in many categories as well.  Every week a new episode will be released by its producers. There are many crazy and hardcore fans for this anime series since from its beginning.  There are many domains for Narutoget and the main domain to catch all the episodes on both Subbed and Dubbed versions is narutoget.xy.  This Narutoget domain will offer all the latest episodes of Naruto Shippuden.

Users can also download all the episodes of Naruto series at free of cost and for them it only cost some MB of internet data.  By right clicking on the video user will get the option saying ‘Save video as’, by simply clicking the option any user can easily download the video into their device for free without spending a single penny.  There won’t be any charges incurred.  The very latest episode is 486, which is available both in subbed and dubbed versions. The most amazing thing for naruto overs who are from other languages is the site itself provides subtitles for the anime series.  Each episode will have a unique theme and that will be the name of the episode.  For instance, the very recent episode of Naruto Shippuden has the exploding human.

The official site of Narutoget has been banned for a while in many countries because of some legal issues.  The website was banned due to piracy and copyright issue.  The rules and regulations and copyright holders are now more active than ever and this is also one of the reason that the three popular torrent sites like  Torrentz,Kickasstorrents, torrenthounds etc to shutdown.  At last the main domain is back with a very big bang and it is again  offering all the episodes that it usually offered to its users without failing this time. From now onwards it comes up with a latest episode with a latest unique theme.  Though it faced some legal issues, it managed to get back to its original position because of its fans and due to its popularity.  All the fans of Naruto series are very happy about the site getting live again.Firstly they used to be many other domains, but now all of them converted into a single domain.Till now Naruto Shippuden completed 486 episodes and going towards 500.